Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Sorry about this:P

Nikki here.;) I need to upload a slideshow I made to post on a forum, and it doesn't work unless I post the video here.:P You can watch it if you like, but most of the pictures have been on here before. The music is Slipping Through My Fingers (ABBA again;)), so there's nothing wrong with it.:) Sorry for the silly post.:P

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Lovely Spring Pictures!:)

Hello!:) It's Elyssa here again. On Friday, I went for a walk with Nikki, and we took lots of pictures! It was a lovely day, and we went down to the beach.:) I brought my doll, Annette, that I got for Christmas, and a book a I borrowed from Nellie, and a notepad and pencil so I could write a letter to my sister.:) It was very windy by the sea, but it was so pretty! Instead of just putting the pictures on, Nikki made a slideshow out of them, and put them with a beautiful song.:) The song was a little long, though, and we had to reuse some pictures at the end and stretch the last one, so if you don't like the music, then you can stop the video when you see a picture you've seen before.:) (There's nothing bad in the song at all, by the way.:) It's Move On, by ABBA.;))

I hope you like it!:)

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Hairstyle Mania!:)

Hi there!:) This is Elyssa.:)
Last night, Nikki's friend told her how to french braid, and she tried it on me, but it looked awful so she took it out. Then she did one on Julie, and Julie looks quite pretty.:) Now she's gone hair-crazy, lol. She did a french braid in her mom's hair, and then before bed she tried a really unusual braid style on me, although it was normal braids with a bit of a twist to them. This morning, she put Nicki's hair in curlers, because it's been looking a little odd and she's been meaning to re-curl it of ages. I think Nicki looks kinda nice with curlers all over her head.:)

 Here's Julie from the front. I think a french braid suits her.:)

And this is the back.:) It was a little neater before, but she fell off a bed.:P (Nikki's not completely sure, but she thinks it might have had something to do with her brother [although it was an accident for sure;)].)

And here's me!:) This picture's a little dark.:P

This is from the back.:) Nikki made three tiny little braids on either side at the front, and then braided them, and tied them back.

She took this one to show the little 'braided braids'.;)

 And this is Nicki waiting for her hair to dry.:) She is pretty with her hair little this, don't you think?:)

This one's closer.:) I hope her hair comes out nicely.:)

Friday, 14 March 2014

A contest with a great prize:)

Hi everyone! Nikki here.:) I know this isn't about dolls, but I have to share it, and I haven't got anywhere else to do it.:P I'm entering this short story contest at taraheartag.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/american-girl-contest-giveaway. I have to share it to enter.;) The prizes are really cool; I think on Ebay they'd be worth over $200 together. The first prize is a new MAG #48, with Saige's Tunic Outfit and one of the Saige promotional doll t-shirts.:)

I'm Back!:)

Hello again! I probably don't need to say it, but: it's Sarah.:) I should have posted this yesterday, but Nikki and I were very tired, so we're doing it no instead. Wednesday evening, we came back from our trip, worn out and glad to be home. It was a very interesting trip, but we did get a few disappointments. The worst one was that the Doctor Who location treasure hunt went wrong. There were seven locations in the town, but Nikki's mom said we four of them were too far from the hotel. Nikki got pictures from the show of two of those four anyway, just in case, but the others were on the opposite side of the hotel, so she didn't get them. In the end, we did have time, and would have been able to see all of them if she'd brought pictures or if she could remember the names.:P Out of the five we had, we found out that two weren't actually the places they filmed at, and another two were changed so that we couldn't get up close for pictures and things. One of those also was actually two different places labeled as one, and we didn't know where the other one was. the last location was only used to film a car going around a corner, so we didn't even go to see it.:P We did go to the local museum though, and that was pretty fun.:)

 This is me in front of a display of mammoth teeth. I don't know what the little carved mammoth is for.:)

And I think this was old weapons or something.

 This is supposed to be a really old log-boat, but I don't know how they can tell the difference between that and an old piece of tree.;)

And these are a whole bunch of old coins scattered in some sand.

 But this is the main attraction... well, for Nikki's brother anyway. Yuck!

 This was a huge display of all kinds of things, but Nikki liked the old bicycles and a cute little schoolbook.

Unfortunately, you can't really see them, but there were lots of beautiful silver things in the display behind me.:)

I loved this! It's a pretty little model of the entire town a few hundred years ago.

I never actually read what they were, but this display had lots of royal-looking jewelry and things in it.

This one's just for fun; we decided to take it because Nikki thought the pole looked interesting.;)

After the museum we went to a little cafe that Nikki's family's known since she was really little. I got squished up next to Nikki's backpack, which was about to burst.:P
This is me the next day, looking at a map of the Doctor Who filming locations before we left to see them. (It's a funny shape because Nikki's brother's arm was in the way.;))

 And I know this looks awful (it was dark so Nikki to it with flash on), but it's from when we were driving home.:P

And finally back at home!:)

I'm sorry about not having any Doctor Who location pictures. Maybe by the next time we go up there we'll have found out where those missing locations are and then we'll be able to see them!:)

Tuesday, 11 March 2014


Hello! It's Sarah again. I thought I'd let you know we're just leaving now (for that town near London).:) I've re-packed all my stuff, and Nikki's got a little backpack looking like a hiking rucksack with all her stuff (she took a book and some other things like that). I hope everyone has a good day, and I won't be able to tell you able mine and Nikki's until Thursday, because we have to pay if we want internet in the hotel.:P Maybe we can get online in McDonald's or something, but we may not.
Anyway, I gotta get going now. I can't wait to see the Doctor Who locations!

 Bye!:) (Sorry about the blur.:P)

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Kirsten Explores the Woods

Hi there! It's Nikki this time.;) The trip we were going on had to be postponed until next week, and it'll be half a day shorter, because I have important rehearsals with my drama group from now until April. Never mind.:P I'm glad I didn't pack early! Sarah's a little disappointed about having to unpack all of her stuff. Today, the ground was fairly dry (for almost the first time in months), and it's getting warmer, so I decided to take Kirsten outside, and I made a photostory set the 1850s.:)

After Kirsten had finished her chores, she had some time to play, and the sun was still shining! Spring is coming! she thought happily, running into the fields. She stopped to look around. Everything was slowly going a beautiful, bright green!

She turned around and walked towards the woods at the edge of the field. She had been a little way into them before, but she had never had time to explore them properly.

The old path was still there, but it was getting a little overgrown. It was cleared a long time ago, and no one ever used it anymore.

"What's that?" she said to herself, seeing a little hole at the edge of the path. She bent over to look at it properly. "Oh! It's a rabbit hole!" I wonder if a rabbit lives there? she thought. Then she turned around.

There was that big old tree she'd found last summer! It must be hundreds and hundreds of years old,  she thought. So many things must have happened in those years, and this tree was standing, all through them... I had better get back to exploring the wood, or it will get dark and I'll have to go home. She sighed, and went on.

Oh, look! she thought. More rabbit holes! The hill must be filled with them!

There were lots of little holes all through the side of the hill!

She went on into the wood, and found herself in a huge clearing, full of little rabbit holes! At first she wanted to look at them all, but then she decided not to disturb them.

She started to go a little farther, but then turned back. It's getting cold, she thought, and it that means it will be getting dark soon. The walk back through the woods seemed to take a lot longer than it had going into them. I must have gone on for miles!

Finally, she came back to the field. It was still light, and she had a little longer before she had to go back to the cabin. What should I do?  she wondered. I could sit and watch for animals... Oh! Suddenly something caught her eye a little way off. She ran over to it.

"Two daisies!" She smiled happily. Spring really was coming! I'll pick the one with purple all around it, she decided, bending down to get it. Then finally she thought of a good way to spend her last few minutes outside:

Sitting against a tree as the shadows grew long, daydreaming about summer adventures.:)

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Getting Ready for a Trip!:)

Hello! Sarah here! I'm sorry we haven't posted in ages again; we really are trying to, but things keep getting in the way, or we run out of things to post. Something really great is happening this week, though! Nikki and her family are going up to a town near London, where they used to live, and I'm coming along! My favorite TV show is the 1973-76 episodes of Doctor Who, and the best bit is: one of my favorite episodes was filmed there! I can't wait to see all the places they used, and Nikki's excited too, because she also loves that show.:) But she's also a little annoyed, because she was hoping to get a picture of herself at some of the locations, and yesterday she just got a really nasty haircut, because the hairdresser misunderstood what she was saying. Well, she says it's really nasty, but I don't think it's that bad; it's just not really the kind of thing that goes with her personality, so that's what's annoying her.
Anyway, we're leaving tomorrow evening, so I packed this afternoon, and Anna helped me.

 We were laying everything out on the bed, and it seemed a lot more there than it did in the drawer or on a list.:P

"Here are some more," said Anna, putting down the clothes she was carrying.
"Thanks," I smiled.
"I think that they are the end," she said, satisfied.
"Good," I sighed.
"Where is your suitcase?"
"I think it's in the cupboard down the hall. I'll go get it." I skipped out of the room and dug my suitcase out of the cupboard.

"Here it is!"
"Now let's hope it all fits!" I said, half-laughing. Somehow I always manage to set out just a little more than my suitcase will take.

We started putting everything in, and it was looking pretty good. I guess we are only going for a couple of days... but then it is a small case.

"Well," I said a few minutes later, "that's all it'll take."
"Are you sure?" asked Anna.
"Yes," I sighed. "But it doesn't really matter; the only things I had to leave out were spare socks and a blouse, and I can do without both of them."
"Now, let's see if we can close it." I started to lift to lid of the case.
"Wait!" said Anna.
"We forgot something!" She jumped up from the bed and ran off to the table across the room.

She picked something up and ran back.
"You can't go without your comb!" she said.
"Oh, of course!" I laughed. "How could I have forgotten that?"
"Here." She handed it to me, and I put it in the case. "Now we can close it," she smiled.

I tucked everything inside and pressed down on the lid, and I finally got it to close. Suddenly I realized I'd made a mistake.
"I can't lock the catch now!"
"Oh, no!"

So, I had to let go of it, and we finally got it down again. This time, Anna held it closed, while I locked it.
"There!" I said, finally standing up straight. "We've done it."
"Finally!" Anna paused and then smiled. "Just a second!"

She climbed up onto the bed.

"Are you not going to take Mary?" she asked, holding the doll she gave me for Christmas.
"Of course, but not in the suitcase."
"Okay, that is good."
"For her or for us?" I laughed.
"For both!" We burst into giggles. "Shall we play with our dolls before we have to have supper?" Anna asked after a while.
"Good idea!" I said, pushing the suitcase aside and getting onto the bed.
"I am going to miss you," said Anna.
"I'll miss you, too, but it's only a couple of days, anyway."

 "Well let's make the most of your last day here then!" she said, smiling, and picking up her doll.